The drone team has had some busy and exciting days in field this week. In Jostedalen, drone surveys have been conducted above Tuftebreen, Nigardsbreen, Fåbergstølsbreen and Austdalsbreen.

During the coming days, several surface features on Austerdalsbreen will be explored in detail. These include the icefalls (Odinsbreen and Thorsbreen), ogives, medial moraine development, and glacial lake formation. Next week, the plan is to survey Supphellebreen, Flatbreen, Bøyabreen, Briksdalsbreen and Brenndalsbreen.

Drone surveying at the margin of Fåbergstølsbreen (photo: Jonathan Carrivick).

Drone team explores surface features on Jostedalsbreen

by Jacob Yde, September 2, 2021

The JOSTICE drone team is currently conducting a fieldwork campaign (August 30 - September 9) at several outlet glaciers of Jostedalsbreen Ice Cap. Excellent weather has provided good flying conditions during the first days.

The drone team consists of Gernot Seier and Jakob Abermann (University of Graz), Jonathan Carrivick (University of Leeds) and Thomas Scheiber (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences). At Austdalsbreen, they were joined by Thorben Dunse (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences) who is monitoring the changes of the calving front.