11 April 2021

- It was a beautiful first day of fieldwork. Jostedalsbreen provided outstanding conditions for GPR measurements.  

Photos: Jostein Aasen (NVE)

12 April 2021

- Another successful day on Jostedalsbreen with a lot of hard work.  

Photos: Jostein Aasen (NVE)

13 April 2021

- Too much wind and blowing snow to do any work On Jostedalsbreen today.

Photos: Jostein Aasen (NVE)

14 April 2021

- Digging snow pits and conducting snow density measurements is a lot of fun.  

Photos: Jostein Aasen (NVE)

15 April 2021

- Beautiful weather on Jostedalsbreen for more snow density measurements and more GPR surveying.  

Photos: Jostein Aasen (NVE)

16-18 April 2021

- Team #2 is now in place ready to cover the northern part of Jostedalsbreen, while Team #1 redeployed from the central to the southern part.  

Photos: Hallgeir Elvehøy (NVE) and Kamilla Sjursen (HVL)

19 April 2021

- Team #3 has replaced Team #1 at Steinmannen, and Team #2 has returned from fieldwork. On the first evening, Team #3 measured snow and ice thicknesses between Krunebreen and Lodalskåpa.  

Photos: Jostein Bakke (UiB)

20-23 April 2021

- Despite difficult weather conditions during the past few days, Team #3 has managed to conduct some ice penetrating radar surveying.  

Photos: Eivind Støren (UiB)

24 April 2021

- Pastry in 1600 m a.s.l. is delicious! 

Photos: Jostein Bakke (UiB)