Between 19 and 23 March, JOSTICE partners from Norgesguidene, Statkraft, Breheimsenteret and the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) completed the final season of fieldwork working from the Steinmannen cabin. While last year’s fieldwork focussed on the upper and flatter regions of the ice cap, this year’s fieldwork aimed to measure along some of the steeper outlet glaciers. As a consequence, travel and data collection was much more challenging this year compared to 2021, both for people, scooters and radars! Through hard work, quite a few ingenious tape repairs and excellent teamwork, we managed to collect measurements in most of the planned regions as well as a couple of improvised ones. All in all, a successful end to the scooter based JOSTICE fieldwork in this region of the ice cap. More to come on the northern regions!

JOSTICE measurements of snow and ice thickness from Steinmannen completed

by Mette K. Gillespie, March 28, 2022

The JOSTICE 2022 spring field campaign has reached another major step with the completion of snow and ice thickness measurements from the cabin Steinmannen.

Steinmannen cabin situated at the upper eastern margin of Jostedalsbreen Ice Cap (photo: K. H. Sjursen).

Four scooters provided the perfect means of transport on the glacier (photo: S. de Villiers).

Even Loe getting the Statkraft snow radar ready. This radar measures variations within the upper 30 m of snow, firn and ice (photo: K. H. Sjursen).

Marte Meland and Kamilla Hauknes Sjursen conducting measurements of snow density in very windy conditions! At this location, the snow thickness was more than 5 m (photos: K. H. Sjursen).

Mette Kusk Gillespie setting up the IceRadar. This radar system with 5 MHz antennas can measure up to approximately 500 m ice on Jostedalbreen. We use 2.5 MHz antennas for deeper ice (photo: K. H. Sjursen).

Kåre Øst and Simon de Villiers adjust the settings on the IceRadar system (photo: K. H. Sjursen).

Getting ready to measure on Fåbergstølsbreen. During the fieldwork, measurements were also conducted on Nigardsbreen, Tuftebreen, Supphellebreen, Flatbreen, Vetle Supphellebreen, Opptaksbreen, Melkevollbreen, Storefonnbreen and Kjenndalsbreen (photo: K. H. Sjursen).

Magnificent views on a stunning day (photo: S. de Villiers).