JOSTICE 2021 Progress Meeting

by Jacob Yde, November 5, 2021

Twenty-two people participated in person while another nine took part online at the JOSTICE 2021 Progress Meeting held on November 4 at NVE in Oslo. The purpose of the meeting was to provide JOSTICE partners with an overview of the activities and preliminary results from 2021 and to plan future activities in 2022.  

The morning session comprised presentations of the status, activities and actions of each of the five work packages. The main conclusion is that JOSTICE project progresses according to the planned schedule. The central and southern parts of Jostedalsbreen Ice Cap have been measured by snow and ice radar, and the focus in 2022 will be to collect data on the northern part and from the largest outlet glaciers. Drone data is currently being processed from eight outlet glaciers. The modelling work is in the planning phase and weather data is obtained from Nigardsbreen. Quantitative and qualitative data on  local consequences of glacier and climate changes on agriculture and tourism are being compiled from around the ice cap, and JOSTICE activities are presented in diverse media outlets and at exhibition displays in visitor centres.

The afternoon session focused on planning and coordinating activities in 2022. One of the main activities will be the April 2022 fieldwork on Jostedalsbreen, where several methods for radar data collection are considered. Interviews and village information gatherings will continue in 2022, while other activities in 2022 will be planned in detail after the April 2022 field campaign. Interactions and data transfer between work packages were prepared to improve time use and inter-project collaboration.

JOSTICE team members preparing for fieldwork at Austerdalsbreen on September 4, 2021 (photo: Jacob C. Yde).