New measurements of ice thickness of Tunsbergdalsbreen 

by Jacob Yde, March 15, 2022

The JOSTICE 2022 spring field campaign has been kick-started by a long day of radar measurements on Tunsbergdalsbreen. The preliminary data shows that the glacier ice is more than 500 m in thickness.

Clear sky and perfect snow conditions appeared on 8 March 2022, as a team of experienced JOSTICE field workers conducted ice thickness measurements of Tunsbergdalsbreen. Although this is the largest outlet glacier (47.6 km2 in 2006) from Jostedalsbreen Ice Cap, there is currently limited knowledge about its history and ice dynamics partly due to difficult access conditions. 

Kåre Øst (left) and Even Loe (right) getting ready for radar measurements on Tunsbergdalsbreen (photo: M. K. Gillespie).

Two sets of radar systems, 5 MHz and 50 MHz, were used to collect data along one longitude profile from the top of the glacier to the glacier front and along more than 30 transverse profiles. 

Radar measurements on the upper part of Tunsbergdalsbreen (photo: M. K. Gillespie).

First look at radar measurements of cross profiles on Tunsbergdalsbreen. The thickest ice along this profile is approximately 500 m.