The 2021 Winter Balances at Austdalsbreen and Nigardsbreen Were Below Average

by Hallgeir Elvehøy, May 20, 2021

The 2020/21 winter at Jostedalsbreen was fairly dry. The annual winter balance measurements were performed during and after the JOSTICE field work.


The average snow depth at Austdalsbreen on the northern part of Jostedalsbreen was 3.8 m. This corresponds to a preliminary winter balance of c. 1.5 meter of water equivalents.

At Nigardsbreen, the average snow depth on the plateau was 5.1 m, corresponding to a preliminary winter balance of 2.0 meter of water equivalents.

Both results are around 80 % of the 1991-2020 average winter balance.  

One of two snow depth control towers on Nigardsbreen (photo: Hallgeir Elvehøy).